Aug 13

All About Publishing In Numbers

A magazine is a product designed to communicate facts, opinions and views on certain topics to consumers. Your average magazine from your average magazine printing company has about 100 pages. It’s ussually glossy if it’s about clothes and matte if it’s about art. One of the best selling magazines is Time magazine. With an audience of over 25.000.000 people in the whole world, it’s broken a lot of records.

The first magazine in Britain was called “The Scots Magazine”. Now what year do you think that one appeared? 1739! Wow, now isn’t that something! The industry is now in the hundreds of millions or even biilions of dollars. Almost 2600 magazines are sold every minute in the UK alone, not even including the US which is much bigger. The printing process is very cheap nowadays and the quality is up-to-par with industry standards. Whether it’s offset printing or rotary printing, it’s still gonna be cheap. Rotary printing is the cheapest and the best for magazines and newspapers in high volumes.

Are magazines a thing of the future? Digital is coming and it’s coming strong. Clearly the trend is for paper documents to slowly dissapear and digital content to come in and take it’s place. But we’re not there yet. It’s still paper and it’s gonna be like this. In the near future magazines are going to appear in parallel: a digital copy and a paperback copy and the customers will decide.

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