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Beautiful Pool Decks

Beautiful Pool Decks

Pool Decks РSummer is in full swing. And what better way to enjoy it to the max as organize mégapartys pool? Whatever pool model you choose, you will provide for the construction of a deck in harmony with your landscaping. In addition to enhance your bathing area, the latter will facilitate access and be wide enough to offer the best security conditions. Looking for inspiration? Find it in the following projects.

Greatest needs, large patio

Pool Decks – The swimming area is at the heart of this land planted on steeply sloping garden. A wood patio cover naturally much of the contour of the pool and stretches designed to privacy on two heights wall screen. Acting bench downstairs projection can gather or lie in the sun after a good dip. In addition, retaining wall stone granite located on the outskirts of the pool softens the level change. Well camouflaged by the landscaping, pool and sports the look of a model increased.

Pool Deck in town

What is the best option for dipping in a small city court? A semi-in ground pool, of course! Partially buried, it melts into the design, making it much less intrusive than a pool full height off the ground. Little detail has its importance as the pool does not exceed the level of 45 cm of soil, it preserves a bit of vis-à-vis privacy from neighbors. A beautiful wooden deck includes its compact octagonal shape, giving it to be mistaken for the model carved appearance. From both sides of the basin camp different seating areas.

Harmonious integration of the pool

Positioned below a field gradient, the above ground pool nicely blends into the landscape without appearing too massive. A wood patio acts as a platform for safe access to the swimming area. Spanning the retaining wall those transitions between the two levels of the ground, and it occupies a space otherwise lost. While the pool lounging on the bottom step, rest areas take their ease on the top tier. This is a smooth way to maximize usable space!

Pleasures patio waterfront

Here, the owners have redesigned their environment to make fun of the patio around their above ground pool turn. Erected to his full height, it is partly surrounded by a wooden deck that offers a relaxing inviting to sip a drink at the water’s edge. A platform bordering the basin nicely and can be used in conjunction with additional seat furniture. Liaising with the adjacent dining area, the access steps extend across the width instead of a guardrail.

Beautiful pool decks
We hope that these design ideas you liked. However, when you do develop the environment of your pool, do not forget to give priority to safety. In all cases, make sure you add to your plans a fence or a door lock that will prevent children from venturing into the water unattended.

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