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Decorative Value Doors – Change Your Reflexes

Admit that, like most of us, you would have tended to paint this entry door in white … And yet, its importance in the sense of depth, recall with the console and the staircase, value graphics are undeniably necessary to complete the decoration of the room. We used to paint the doors the color of the baseboards or all the doors of a row of the same color, different or not from the wall or good base color etc … The habit of incorporating into the background. should know considering it as a decorative element in its own right and in this case, as usual, do not forget to set a reminder color in the room to justify it. A note in the example above cons, (except Umbrella shaped owl can find debatable), the perfect harmony of colors and patterns that any decoration simple

In this example against the base of one of the doors is already a decorative element.

It is best highlighted by the black color of all that can be included in the color of the countertop or in the supervision of a table …

You are free to paint or not jamb it depends on the proportions of your opening.

In this case, paint the jamb into the wall color lightens and strengthens all the graphical appearance of dark elements.

So you can imagine painting a door in the color of a collection of bottles in the color of the chairs in the dominance of a table or the color of its frame.

Being considered easier to paint the outside of the front door of the house in color you can imagine to paint the inside and not necessarily on both sides …

While the striped carpet, choice of curtains, accessories, wicker and wood help to give this piece a wonderfully welcoming air.

But just imagine the white door and you can judge the impact of its beautiful red china made on the atmosphere.

 Décor interesting Martha Stewart proposed by more than one title.
Firstly because it would be perfect in the small apartment of a young couple who wants to decorate example without breaking the bank,
and the fact that it carries -Also, unlike previous offers no interesting character in the beginning.
Having the paint in a dark color and “bold” gives a real decorative value. Simple, inexpensive and effective.

These solutions work using dark colors for doors on white walls, rather than the reverse.

But it is not mandatory to have white walls around. You can also imagine a room painted in burnt orange for example and ask them doors eggplant.

Alternatively, imagine a room with a bed placed between two doors. Both doors painted in the darker color of the bedspread and the decor is almost finished .


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