Mar 18

Function Lawn at Home

Many people think the lawn is a plant that disturbing, but all were wrong. Actually a lot of the facts show that the lawn has positive benefits in our lives. Here are some of the benefits of lawn in our lives.

1. A beautiful lawn, healthy and landscaping will add value to your home and the environment. For most of us, our home is our biggest investment.

2. Lawn traps dust and dirt particles that can enter your home and / or office. It also traps pollen and other allergens that irritate many people.

3. A healthy lawn will absorb a lot of water after heavy rains prevented from forming a muddy mess in your yard.

4. Most of the roots of lawn. Lawn root system makes it efficient in preventing erosion.

5. Your lawn helps us breathe. Regularly releasing oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone and hydrogen fluoride.

6. Your lawn cools the air. It reduces the glare of the summer sun and helps absorb the summer.

As you can see, many of the benefits that we can lawn. But to keep and care in order to stay healthy lawn is hard. It takes knowledge and extra time. You have to do the fertilizing and watering regularly. In addition, treating grass plants have other obstacles. Like pests and insects. And insect pests can damage your grass plants. Therefore, if you are a busy with your activities and work, all you need is a lawn care company.

If you want to find a lawn care company, you can search in the search engines with keywords ” lawn and landscape service “. Here you will find many lawn care companies. One company that is both Trad’s of JACKSONVILLE. I say this is good company, because they have more than 40 years experience in lawn care and pest control. In addition, they have an annual treatment program and the application of fertilizer to keep the grass in order to remain attractive and healthy throughout the year.

The company has Trad’s Lawn Program for your lawn care. This is the program during the growing season, they provide homeowners with 6 lawn fertilizer application. Grass treated with special additives and weed and insect control products. Services previously scheduled spray, lawn and professional inspector is available for each issue. What are you waiting? To take care of your grass plants, you can use the services of Trad’s of JACKSONVILLE. You can visit www.pestandlawn-jax.com or Trad’s of Jacksonville, Inc. 5131 Bowden Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32216-5907, Pest Control (904) 450-5956, Garden Center (904) 701-7384


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