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Granite Tile Countertops Basic Maintenance

There’s a proven value that granite tile countertops can withstand decades of use. A wise and good investment if you wish to decorate or remodel your home. Granite tiles are mostly used in the kitchen and on bathrooms where countertops are seen mostly installed.

Basic granite tile countertops maintenance

• Sealing of countertops: once a year, you need to seal your countertop surface to preserve it. Certain parts of the countertop need more sealing than on any other portion of it.
• Cleaning granite countertops: Use water to clean your granite countertop. You can use a light colored soap to help remove stains but do not apply strong chemicals that can cause abrasives on your countertop seal.
• Hot things: Although granite is known to have good heat retention, it is still advisable not to directly put hot materials on the surface as this may weaken the seal of the granite countertop.
• Know what to avoid: A lot of things can be harsh for you granite tile countertop. This includes wine and strong chemicals. Avoid spilling wine on your countertop and do not clean it with chemicals.
• Know when to re seal: Common tests shows that if you sprinkle water to your countertop and it soaks water instead of forming beads, you know it’s time to reseal it.
• Inspection: Regular inspection on the sides of your countertops will let you know if there is small crack, chip or dents. Early detention can save the tile from being destroyed as cracks may crawl to the middle part of the tile. Small dents can be prevented by applying small amount of grout, if not, replace the whole tile.

Basic maintenance is important to preserve your granite tile countertops in good condition. Breakage, scratches and cracks will be evident if maintenance is poor. Use the lightest cleaning material available and keep the counter dry.

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