Aug 22

New trend: Colorful Pools

Colorful Pools

New trend: Colorful Pools – This new trend has greatly piqued my curiosity! While I devoted myself to virtual tours of major hotels around the world, just to see what’s new in terms of design, I came across a series of hotels (Morocco, Brazil, Thailand and Koy) who wore red blood pools! My first reaction? Yuck! I have no desire to immerse myself in water so morbid!

However, my eye decorator saw the potential of such a concept for a completely original design, colorful and unexpected! I did my little research and I found a product that seems to be the world’s only carded and you can get it here in Quebec. It is a dye specifically designed for pools, spas and fountains. This dye is temporary (it can last a few hours or days) and completely safe, both for bathers (tested by a dermatologist) for equipment pools. We have developed a range of colors: mango, deep, lagoon, turquoise and fuchsia. However, I do not know where the major hotels are red that seems available nowhere provided.

How does it work?

New trend: Colorful Pools – For a pool, simply remove the pellets undiluted chlorine, wait until tomorrow and you can then add the dye, according to the recommended dosage. Its duration will depend on the level of disinfectant present in the pool or pond and color persist until the chlorine level is below 1 part per million (PPM), so no more than a week.

Perfect for your theme to entertain children or grandstanding holidays, you can also create your theme decor by arranging your pool to your umbrellas and chair cushions. So, let your imagination run free!


New trend: Colorful Pools – The dye is environmentally friendly. It will not alter the transparency or pH balance, nor the quality of the water. There is even no consequence if the colored water we drink. I then asked if my little white jersey would be affected and it is not. The product does not stain!

The product is so gentle it can be used to color the water fish!

Little known here in Quebec, however, this trend is all the rage in the world. It is used to decorate the pools at major social events and even the fountains of Versailles! So do not hesitate to make your pool the focal point of your small parties, informal meetings between your friends, or talk to your neighbors!

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